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The Quality of Relationships between Teachers and Children with Developmental Disabilities

dc.contributorĐević, Rajka
dc.contributorGutvajn, Nikoleta
dc.creatorRajić, Milana
dc.creatorMihić, Ivana
dc.description.abstractMilana Rajić and Ivana Mihić’s research, The Quality of Relationships between Teachers and Children with Developmental Disabilities, is focused on research into the quality of this relationship as well as the potential factors which could contribute to quality. Self-evaluations of teachers’ experiences with children were analysed to gain insight into the quality of relationships between teachers and children. In order to study the potential quality factors of this relationship, consideration was given to a) teachers’ characteristics – self-evaluated motivation and perceived competences for work with children with developmental disabilities, b) environmental features – estimated global conditions for work and the number of children in groups as well as c) teachers’ beliefs about children. In terms of the quality of the teacher-child relationship, the data indicates relatively expressed closeness, but equally expressed antagonism between teachers and pupils with developmental disabilities. As regards those factors which could influence such relationships, the findings show that those teaches who have fewer negative beliefs about children with developmental disabilities and who perceive themselves as competent and motivated for work with such children will establish relationships with children which are characterised by acceptance, positive emotional exchange and harmony. The authors recommend the continuous professional training of teachers based on relational perspectives with a particular focus on mastering the knowledge and skills required to support children and strengthening teachers’ sensitivity towards
dc.publisherBeograd : Institut za pedagoška istraživanjasr
dc.relationinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/MESTD/Basic Research (BR or ON)/179022/RS//sr
dc.sourceUvažavanje različitosti u funkciji pozitivnog razvoja dece i mladihsr
dc.subjectdevelopmental disabilitiessr
dc.titleKvalitet odnosa vaspitača i dece sa smetnjama u razvojusr
dc.titleThe Quality of Relationships between Teachers and Children with Developmental Disabilitiessr
dc.description.otherNaziv zbirke: Biblioteka „Pedagoška teorija i praksa”sr

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