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      Teacher characteristics and stereotypes about younger adolescents [1]
      Teacher education and career cycle: Educational level and pathways effects in Serbia and Greece [1]
      Teacher training for optional subjects [1]
      Teachers and changes in class quality [1]
      Teachers and parents as a source of stereotype formation [1]
      Teachers' attitudes towards gifted students [1]
      Teachers' beliefs about creativity: From individualism to activism [1]
      Teachers' implicit pedagogies and their initiatives for cooperation with parents [1]
      Teachers' perceptions of academic failure: Is it worth to bother about unsuccesful pupils? [1]
      Teachers' perceptions of factors impeding school improvement in Serbia [1]
      Teachers' perceptions of their own initiative: Collective initiative vs. personal initiative [1]
      Teachers, Teaching and Student Achievement [1]
      Teachers’ coping strategies regarding the pandemic: Connections with fear of covid-19 and teachers’ mental wellbeing [1]
      Teachers’ disciplinary practices and prosocial behavior in high school students [1]
      Teachers’ experiences throughout professional training with the help of facilitators [1]
      Teachers’ perceptions of and solutions for student school failure [1]
      Teachers’ perspectives on challenges in inclusive education – a research overview [1]
      Teaching and students’ personal traits [1]
      Teaching challenges: TIMSS 2015 as a source of information about primary school teachers' attitudes towards their work [1]
      Teaching for creativity [1]