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      Pandemic parenting: predictors of quality of parental pandemic practices during COVID–19 lockdown in Serbia [1]
      Paradigma pozitivnog razvoja: Mogućnost inoviranja praksi inkluzivnog obrazovanja [1]
      Parental and teacher expectations: Autonomous or conformist child personality [1]
      Parental attachment and externalising problems at high school students [1]
      Parental Education and Educational Aspirations of Children: Cases of Serbia and Slovenia [1]
      Parental education and exposure of female and male students to bulling in school environment [1]
      Parental monitoring, behavioural problems, and school achievement of Belgrade high school students [1]
      Parenting and externalising problems in adolescents: Results of factor analysis [1]
      Parents' attitudes about the tasks of preschool teachers in the preparation of children for the teaching of initial writing [1]
      Parents’ attitudes and experience regarding nursery childcare in Belgrade kindergartens [1]
      Parents’ perception about the role of personal assistants for children with developmental disabilities [1]
      Participation in online cooperative professional development: Factors to consider and activities to practice [1]
      Peculiarities in adopting capital letter in deaf and hard-of-hearing pupils [1]
      Peculiarities of adoption of punctuation marks in deaf and hard of hearing pupils [1]
      Peculiarities of mathematics instruction for beginners for children with disabilities in regular primary schools [1]
      Pedagogic aspects of the teacher's profession and the failure of students [1]
      Pedagogičeskie aspekty professii učitelja i neuspevaemost' učaščihsja [1]
      Pedagoški aspekti nastavničke profesije i neuspeh učenika [1]
      Peer interaction influence on decision-making in ten-year-old children [1]
      Peer relationships and school success [1]