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Conceptions and practices of school-family cooperation worldwide and in Serbia

dc.contributorЛазаревић, Емилија
dc.contributorСтевановић, Јелена
dc.contributorСтанковић, Дејан
dc.creatorПоловина, Нада
dc.description.abstractNumerous initiatives and incentives of the educational policies holders, theoreticians and researchers to affirm the idea on cooperation between family/parents and school/teachers in practice have not been granted a greater stronghold – neither when it comes to parents nor when it come to teachers. This article deals with the issue of failure to realize the cooperation with the aim of pointing out the guidelines of the changes necessary in further shaping of working practice in Serbia. First, we focused on the comparison of the paradigms about the cooperation between school and family developed within international frameworks (traditional, modern, post-modern) and in Serbia (traditional, quasi-modern) since 1960 until present. Then we dealt with the most prominent differences we recognized in the current conceptual shaping of the field of cooperation within the global and local academic and professional framework. Finally, the paper deals with the issue of changing the attitude towards the teachers’ professional development within the domain of their preparation for productive cooperation with parents. As a base of a new approach we have postulated: teacher’s personal work on his/her own beliefs and stereotypes regarding his/her role and the role of a parent, and the development of the modality of cooperation within each individual school – the modality which would reflect the opinion and assessment of the parents whose children attend the specific school
dc.publisherБеоград : Институт за педагошка истраживањаsr
dc.relationinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/MESTD/Integrated and Interdisciplinary Research (IIR or III)/47008/RS//sr
dc.sourceНове улоге за ново доба : Прилози за редефинисање образовне праксеsr
dc.subjectschool-family cooperationsr
dc.subjecttraditional model of cooperationsr
dc.subjectmodern model of cooperationsr
dc.subjectpost-modern model of cooperationsr
dc.titleКонцепције и праксе сарадње школе и породице у свету и у Србијиsr
dc.titleConceptions and practices of school-family cooperation worldwide and in Serbiasr
dc.description.otherНазив збирке: Библиотека "Педагошка теорија и пракса” 41sr

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