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Roles of university teachers in the development of students’ functional knowledge and their professional education

dc.contributorЛазаревић, Емилија
dc.contributorСтевановић, Јелена
dc.contributorСтанковић, Дејан
dc.creatorКопас–Вукашиновић, Емина
dc.description.abstractThe standards of university education actualize modern roles of university teachers in terms of the quality of students’ learning outcomes. Starting from a theoretical context which unites the effects within the system of modern university education and designingthe aforementioned teaching and learning outcomes, the aim of our study was to determine the way in which the students assess the roles of the teachers in their professional education and whether the teaching and learning outcomes, recognized by the students, comply with the requirements of modern university education.The research was done by applying a descriptive method and the method of interviewing the students in their focus groups. The research results have confirmed that the students provide clear assessments of the quality of the teachers’ work in relation to the requirements of professional training of the future preschool teachers. Regarding the learning and teaching outcomes, this research has confirmed our assumption that the students envisage the teachers’ competencies which fulfill the requirements of the teaching and learning quality assurance and the development of the students’ functional knowledge and competencies, so that they are ready to concretize the outcomes of modern teaching and learning in their professional
dc.publisherБеоград : Институт за педагошка истраживањаsr
dc.relationinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/MESTD/Integrated and Interdisciplinary Research (IIR or III)/47008/RS//sr
dc.sourceНове улоге за ново доба : Прилози за редефинисање образовне праксеsr
dc.subjectuniversity educationsr
dc.subjectquality of teachers’ worksr
dc.subjecteaching and learning outcomessr
dc.subjectdesigning outcomessr
dc.subjectstudents’ professional competenciessr
dc.titleУлоге универзитетских наставника у развоју функционалних знања студената и у њиховој професионалној едукацијиsr
dc.titleRoles of university teachers in the development of students’ functional knowledge and their professional educationsr
dc.description.otherНазив збирке: Библиотека "Педагошка теорија и пракса” 41sr

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