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Respect for the other: a condition for establishing social interaction and developing children’s friendships

dc.contributorПантић, Драгомир
dc.contributorГашић-Павишић, Слободанка
dc.creatorКрњајић, Стеван
dc.description.abstractGender, educational, economic, religious and ethnic differences are frequently a cause of social isolation and rejection by a group of peers. Empirical investigations have confirmed negative effects of this phenomenon. Socially isolated and rejected group of children is a risk group tending to delinquency, absence from school, drop out, and mental health problems. The acceptance of new friends should be based on a wish for expanding a circle of friends and for acquiring new social experiences. Therefore, it is necessary to develop tolerance to diversity (e.g. language, dressing style, interests, nationality, religion). To develop tolerance in children, they should be encouraged to recognize and respect cultural and personal identity of any individual. One of the ways to achieve this is structuring of educational environment that enables students to participate to a greater extent in school activities, whereby the amount and intensity of social interaction is increased. For example, developing of leadership and debating skills, tolerance and negotiating skills, acquisition of experience in democratic procedures, demand that pairs or groups of students work together. All this includes moral principle of respect for the other regardless of gender, educational, economic, religious, ethnic or any other
dc.publisherБеоград : Институт за педагошка истраживањаsr
dc.sourceУважавање различитости и образовањеsr
dc.subjectrespect for the othersr
dc.subjectsocial interactionsr
dc.subjectchildren’s friendshipssr
dc.titleПоштовање другог: предуслов за успостављање и развој дечјих пријатељставаsr
dc.titleRespect for the other: a condition for establishing social interaction and developing children’s friendshipssr
dc.description.otherНазив збирке: Педагошка теорија и пракса 10

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